I walked in the sunlight in search of freedom.  A common misguidance of youth.  I do hear you calling.  Really, I do.  Would that I have the slightest idea of what to say, much less do, should I arrive?

Sunlight led to shimmery moonlit stream.  A path seemingly worth the follow.  If not my own, that of the greater.  Forged by a weight far beyond my own desire to answer your call.

Would not around the curve at the edge of sight lead to another?  

Followed by another?

To another?  

Littered with the bodies of trees and birds following the same call for infinite?  Does not darkness make visible light?  Is not the ocean infinite?  Yes.  No.  As You.  I.

Size will trick the animal eye.  As will lightness and darkness.  We, existing in refracted moonlight bounding off stream, pummeling toward ocean.  Finite hungering for infinite.

"And only the moon can bear to watch."